General Information:

Easy Swim App aims at enabling our clients locate swimming pools, linking trainers and other amenities such as gyms, Fitness classes and other hotel facilities to our clients..

Our App has the ability to locate the nearby swimming pools after inputting your location. We input a GPS tracker that can help you not only view the location of the nearby swimming pools but also give you the directions to the swimming pools. This will solve the first challenge for failure to locate swimming pools.


HOW IT works!!

Get hooked up with a nearest pool


Get the best training offers


Easy access


Search for pool


Learn how to swim




Railway technologies

Schedule an appointment for swimming lessons with our trainers today

Swim or train at your favourable time


How does the app work?

Open the EasySwim App, select the package of your choice (corporate, family or individual), select a swimming pool of your choice, then choose either to swim or train. We shall receive a notification and connect with you, after swimming or training you can rate your experience accordingly.